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"I have been studying with John now for over 12 years. First with the guitar and now with the piano. In the past I have had brief encounters with other instructors, but nothing compares to John's extensive knowledge of different styles of music, theory and an ear to decipher the most complex of songs. He is by far one of the best in his field."

Ted Bobzien

"John possesses the two qualities that are essential to an outstanding guitar teacher: vast knowledge of the guitar and music in general and the desire to make sure his students learn it correctly. John gives you a much more in depth experience into learning to play the guitar than just learning a few chords and a couple of simple songs. If you have a love for the guitar and are serious about learning to play it, then John is your man."

Mario Estrada

"Mr. Caterino is an awesome instructor! I have been going to lessons for about 6 years now and have progressed so much in jazz, rock, and blues. I highly recommend John Caterino because he personalizes the lessons to fit your level of instruction and your needs. I can play, read, and jam out on the guitar thanks to Mr. Caterino.".

James Free

"Mr. Caterino is an excellent instructor. He's been instructing my 6 year old daughter with guitar since April 2014, and has done a wonderful job. My daugther is progressing and enjoying playing guitar."

Caroline Aguirre

"My 2 daughters have been taking piano lessons from John for several years now. In the beginning I sat in to observe, and liked it so much I began taking lessons myself. Now all 3 of us can not only read and play music, but we are advancing in music theory, learning how music is put together. I recommend John because his method of teaching gives the student the firm, solid foundation in music theory from which creativity can spring. He doesn't just teach his students how to play an instrument, he shows them the way to become musicians."

Julianne Torres

"I’ve been taking piano lessons from John Caterino for almost 2 years. When I came to John I had been working on my own for a year or two trying to play jazz and classical with limited success. My ability to read music was mediocre at best and my sense of timing and rhythm awful. It is rare to find a music instructor who is extremely well versed in jazz, blues, rock and classical. He knows precisely the drills and practice regimens required to achieve success in music. It was and is hard work but has paid off in advancing my piano playing beyond what I thought would have been possible in less than 2 years. In addition, from John I’ve learned a substantial amount of music theory which has direct application in preparing jazz arrangements and memorizing/understanding classical music scores. If you are interested in taking music lessons either for yourself or for your son or daughter – you should consider yourself fortunate to have the opportunity to study under him. I certainly do."

Lee Ashby


John Caterino Music offers private instruction on guitar, piano, bass, music theory, ear training, and audio recording. We also offer piano tuning and repair.


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Making music is a wonderful experience. The study of music has many benefits for children and adults. By the way, it's a lot of fun. Give me a call and we can discuss your future in music.

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